Why the Butterfly IQ Point of Care Device is a Game-Changer for Any Medical Practice

The Butterfly IQ Point of Care is a portable whole-body ultrasound device with a 3-in-1 probe (linear, curved, and phased) along with 19 presets.

According to the World Health Organization, maternal mortality remains high at 488 maternal deaths per 100, 000 live births. Most maternal deaths are due to complications in pregnancy, childbirth, unsafe abortion, or obstetric complications.

For medical practitioners, the Butterfly IQ is considered a game-changer. Completely revolutionizing the medical field, this is the first single-probe whole-body ultrasound device that is small enough to fit into your pocket. This means, caring for your patients has no limitation. It’s as simple as connecting the device to your smartphone or tablet and opening an application. 

What is the Butterfly IQ Point of Care?

The Butterfly IQ Point of Care is a portable device with a 3-in-1 probe (linear, curved, and phased) along with 19 presets. This FDA, CE, and PPB-approved device is durable, thermally efficient, and immune to the harshest of conditions improving the quality of the ultrasound. 

Once your ultrasound is complete, your results sync digitally allowing for a fast turnaround time for diagnostics. The SOC II certification ensures that access to your data remains secure and is only accessible by you and your health practitioner. 

Understanding the functionality of the device

The app connected to the Butterfly IQ also allows for different modes of functionality: B-Mode, M-mode, color Doppler, power Doppler – with the ability to increase the gain and depth of the images as well as record measurements. The Doppler mode is quite helpful ensuring both the doctor and patient have a full understanding of what they are scanning. Patients will be more involved in the process and are more likely to take treatment or advice from the doctor.

Doctor Ng’ang’a, an anesthesiologist at the Kenyatta National hospital commented: “This has been my first experience using the Butterfly iQ. It’s been a really wonderful device. The images are very clear, and it is easy to manipulate to locate nerves of interest.” 

The device is battery-powered allowing up to five hours of use when fully charged. This reduces the amount of time a patient is at the facility in the event of a power outage. 

Get this Butterfly IQ in your clinic today

Through partnering with Ilara Health, you can get this device, an iPad, and a stand, on a 36-month contract for a fixed fee. Along with this, your device will be insured and a warranty for any manufacturing defaults. Our customer success team will always be at your service, walking the journey with you.

Once you sign up, your team will be provided with the necessary training to conduct ultrasounds safely and accurately. Using an augmented reality tool, novice sonographers are guided through a scan making it easier to learn and understand the functionality of the device. 

A marketing pack can be put together to assist you in letting your community know about your new facilities. Throughout the 36 months, Ilara Health will assist you with any maintenance or general queries. 

Interested to learn more about this device and how it can benefit your clinic? Contact us today. 


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